Name: Leonard,Sugar Ray Olympic Photo

History: In 1973, a boxing promoter noticed Leonard's natural talent and offered him $5,000 to fight in a professional bout. Leonard dismissed the offer because he wanted to qualify for the 1976 Olympics team. Before he was 20, he won three National Golden Gloves titles, two AAU championships and the 1975 Pan-American Games crown. Leonard earned a spot on the 1976 Olympic U.S. team, which included future heavyweight champions Michael Spinks and his brother Leon. Leonard, up to that point in his amateur career, had lost only five fights, among them a contested bout in 1974 against Kazimierz Szczerba of Poland. A lot of amateur boxing observers thought that the great Cuban knockout artist Andres Aldama would defeat the 20-year-old Leonard in the Olympic final. Aldama was virtually a pro and had scored 5 straight knockouts to reach the finals. Ray Leonard proved that he was a great boxer by winning with an impressive 5-0 decision. Leonard brought Aldama to his knees with a left hook to the chin. Twice during the final round, the referee had required Aldama to take a standing eight-count to prove that he was able to continue the fight. Although Aldama persisted in the match, Leonard emerged the victor and won the gold medal for the United States. It was Leonard's 145th victory as an amateur boxer. After winning the Olympic gold Leonard announced to the press, “The journey is over, the dream fulfilled” and he retired from boxing, telling the public that he wanted to go to college. Leonard had hoped to cash in on endorsements but they never came. With the bills piling up and sickness in his family he decided to turn professional.Presented here is a press photo of Leonard fighting during the 1976 Olympics.

Full description: This photo measures 8 inches by 10 inches.The photo is clean,no creases.The image is vivid.

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