Name: Graham,Billy-Giardello II Wirephoto 1952

History: On December 12,1952 Joey Giardello met Billy Graham in a Welterweight bout.Giardello won the ten-round bout on a split-decision but New York commissioners Robert Christenberry and C B Powell altered the scorecard of judge Joe Agnello at the ringside, making Graham the winner." Giardello sued, and the New York State Supreme Court reversed the reversal the following February. The original official scorecards were: Judge Agnello, 6-4 for Giardello; Referee Miller, 5-4-1 for Giardello; Judge Shortell 7-3 for Graham.Presented here is a wirephoto sfter the decision.

Full description: This photo measures 7 inches by 9 inches.The photo has two creases near the upper right corner.The rest of the photo is clean.The back has the attached wire info.the image is vivid.

Size: 7

Categories: Graham, Billy - Giardello, Joey - Photograph

Condition: very good

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