History: Jake Kilrain was born in Greenpoint, New York on February 9, 1859. He began his professional boxing career on January 1, 1879 stopping Jack Daley in two rounds. During his career he fought James J.Corbett, Charley Mitchell, and Frank Slavin. On July 8, 1889 he fought John L. Sullivan for the World Heavyweight Title. John L. Sullivan fought one of his most famous bouts with Jake Kilrain in the last significant bare knuckle bout in boxing. Kilrain was hailed by Richard Fox, the publisher of the Police Gazette, as the new champion. Fox disliked Sullivan for a perceived slight in a bar and had long searched for an opponent to topple him. Sullivan’s weight had ballooned to 240 flabby pounds, and he went into extensive training with champion wrestler William Muldoon to trim down to 205. In the fight, Sullivan got off to a good start by tripping and hip-tossing Kilrain to win the first two rounds. Sullivan was thrown in the third. From then on, Kilrain fought on gamely but Sullivan had the better of it. Beaten and battered, Kilrain could not come to scratch for the 76th round. Offered here is an original carte de visite photograph of Jake Kilrain as he appeared at the height of his career.

Full description: The carte de visite has a blank back. There is written on the reverse," Portsmouth 6th Dec 1887 which likely dates the photograph. No photographer stamp. The image is bold. Corners slightly rounded. Not creased. Photo is on heavy stock mount. 2 5/8" x 4 1/8."

Size: 2 5/8 x 4 1/8

Categories: Kilrain, Jake - Antique Photographs (Pre-1930) - Carte De Visite

Condition: excellent

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