History: This is an original movie poster for the 1942 film Two Mugs From Brooklyn. Stars William Bendix, Joe Sawyer and Majorie Woodworth with an appearance by Max Baer who is pictured on the poster. This is one of a total of three 'streamliners' made by Bendix and Sawyer, about two Brooklyn mugs who strike it rich by building a successful cab company in New York. Stream liners were short (50 - 60 minutes) and to the point. While funny, this movie belongs strictly to Bendix. He is as he is in most of his later movies; a lovable bumbler, getting himself in and out of improbable but sometimes hilarious situations. This one concerns mix-ups and misunderstandings among McGuerin (Bendix), his wife (Bradley), his partner (Sawyer) and his fiancÚ, and their secretary, deliciously played by Woodward.

Full description: This is an original, paper movie poster with the original folds. Bold color and print. Bold, clear images. Clean front and back. Professionally linen backed. Not creased or torn. One sheet size, 27" x 41."

Size: 27 x 41

Categories: Posters & Broadsides & Lobby Cards - Baer, Max - Baseball

Condition: excellent

Quantity: 1

Price: $875.00

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