History: On August 28,1959 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco Carmen Basilio fought Gene Fullmer for the vacant Middleweight Title. Fullmer won the bout by TKO the 14th round. Presented here is an original cartoon artwork by Jack Burnley in reference to this fight. Includes an original page from the San Francisco News-Cal Bulletin picturing this very cartoon in the paper.

Full description: This is original cartoon art which pictures the fighters and has the name of the artist Jack Burnley. Bold color and print. Bold, clear images. Not creased or torn. Prints marks outside of images. 10 3/4" x 14." Includes original newspaper showing the cartoon.

Size: 10 3/4 x 14

Categories: Cartoon Art - Basilio, Carmen - Fullmer, Gene

Condition: excellent

Quantity: 1

Price: $375.00

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