History: Benjamin Gan (February 24, 1913 August 4, 1976), more commomly known as Small Montana, was a Filipino boxer. Montana, who stood 5 feet and 4 inch (163 cm) tall and never weighed more than 112 pounds, won the Flyweight Championship of the World (as recognized by New York state). He won the American flyweight title by beating Midget Wolgast twice in 1935. He also went abroad to defend his title, but lost to Benny Lynch in a 15 round bout in London on January 9, 1937. He also tried to fight for a world championship but fell short in all his world title matches. During his career he fought Little Dado and Little Pancho (half-brother of Francisco Guilledo) but lost to both of them on points. Although he never won a world title, he defeated Manuel Ortiz, Midget Wolgast, Tony Marino, Joe Tei Ken, Speedy Dado, Tommy Forte, Augie Curtis, Pat Palmer, Frankie Jarr, Eugene "Tuffy" Pierpont and Antol "Tony" Kocsis. Offered here is a rare, original, promotional photograph of Small Montana which he has boldly signed and inscribed to sports writer Charles Lesemann..

Full description: This is an original promotional photo of Small Montana in full fight pose. Boldly signed in ink, "To Charles Lesemann A great guy & the most promising promoter today With my best & Always Your Friend Small Montana World's Flyweight Champ 4/23/41." Bold, clear image. Clean. Not creased or torn. 5" x 8." Very scarce.

Size: 5 x 8

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