History: Joe Louis fought Max Schmeling for the second time on June 22, 1938 at Yankee Stadium. Louis had been stopped by Schmeling in their first fight in 1936 marking the first time Louis had felt the sting of defeat. In this celebrated second fight Louis knocked Schmeling out in the first round to retain the World Heavyweight Title. This was one of the most historic fights in boxing history, fought against the backdrop of the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany and the looming second World War. Offered here is a rare, original fight film poster which advertised the showing of the film of this historic battle.

Full description: This is an original, paper, fight film poster which pictures both fighters in fight pose. Bold, clear images. Clean. Professionally linen backed. Not creased or torn. Light restoration at the original seams, well away from the images. 28" x 42." A rare one sheet size poster done by Empire City Job Print of Long Island City, New York.

Size: 28 x 42

Categories: Posters (closed circuit/fight film) - Louis, Joe - Schmeling, Max

Condition: excellent

Quantity: 1

Price: $5,000.00

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