History: John L. Sullivan was born on October 15, 1858 in Roxbury, Boston, MA. He is the link between bare knuckles and glove fighting and is considered to be one of the best heavyweights ever. He held the undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Championship for ten years, winning it in 1882 from Paddy Ryan and losing it in 1892 to James J. Corbett. Other notable fighters he fought and defeated included Jake Kilrain, Charlie Mitchell and Dominic McCaffrey. Presented here is a rare, original, first generation antique photo of John L. Sullivan done by photographer Elmer Chickering of Boston. Circa 1891 while world heavyweight champion.

Full description: This is an original, first generation photograph which is printed on heavy stock. Circa 1891. Photographer stamp on the back for Elmer Chickering of Boston. Bold, clear image. Clean. Crease in lower right corner and chipped upper right corner. Minor edge wear. Outstanding photograph with great contrast and clarity. 10 1/2" x 14." Exceptionally rare, especially in this size.

Size: 10 1/2 x 14

Categories: Antique Photographs (Pre-1930) - Large Format Photographs - Sullivan, John L.

Condition: very good

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