History: On June 27, 1992 heavyweight contenders Tommy "The Duke" Morrison and Joe Hipp would meet in a featued bout. Tommy Morrison had been very active in 1992 following a devastating knockout loss to Ray Mercer in October of 1991. With four knockout wins already that year, Morrison signed to fight veteran Joe Hipp June 27th. The fight would be scheduled for ten rounds and would be televised live on ABC. This would be Morrison’s biggest test since the loss to Mercer and a chance with a good performance to jump back into heavyweight contention. Morrison entered the Hipp bout with 28 of his 32 wins coming by way of knockout. The fan favorite was known for ending fights quick but with that also had never been past six rounds in his career. In his bout with Mercer, Morrison tired badly prior to being stopped in the fifth and questions about his endurance in the ring were prevalent. The southpaw Hipp entered with a decent record of 24-2. He was known as an aggressive fighter who did not have a big punch and was very easy to hit. In his biggest fight against Bert Cooper eight months earlier, Hipp gave a good account of himself but was stopped in the fifth due to swelling around his eyes. On paper, he seemed to be the perfect opponent for Morrison. Hipp would certainly be game but his defensive liabilities should make for Morrison to find a home often for his massive power shots. The fight would take place at the Bally’s Hotel & Casino in Reno, NV. Morrison not surprisingly entered the ring as an 11-1 favorite. Morrison hurt Hipp with a hard left hook to the body in the first minute of the fight. The remainder of the round saw Morrison utilizing a solid jab and landing good hooks off the jab in a dominant opening round. Morrison continued where he left off at the start of the second. He couldn’t miss Hipp with the left jab. After about a minute and a half of inactivity, Hipp did finally begin to open up some the last half of the second round though the round clearly belonged to Morrison. The third was also Morrison’s as he continued to land the harder crisper punches. The momentum changed somewhat in the fourth as Morrison’s pace began to slow just a little. Hipp caught Morrison pulling straight back with a few straight lefts that seemed to get Morrison’s attention. Another left hand down the pipe by Hipp clearly had Morrison reeling a bit as the round wore down. In the last couple seconds of the round, a cut over the right eye of Morrison opened adding more drama. Maybe spurned on by seeing his own blood as well as dropping the previous round, Morrison came out with an aggressive intent to begin the fifth. A right uppercut by Morrison to start the round hurt Hipp. A follow-up right hand that landed flush on Hipp’s chin put him to the canvas. Hipp would get up and Morrison came in for the finish. But despite landing several big shots, Morrison was unable to put Hipp back in trouble. As the round progressed, Morrison took his foot of the gas and went back to using the jab. He seemed to be very weary of emptying the gas tank and decided to pace himself in case the bout would go deep. The tide turned in the sixth. Morrison began to visibly look tired and his punch output dropped dramatically. Seeing this, Hipp picked up his own output and landed several straight lefts that carried the round in his favor. The seventh followed a similar patter with Morrison not letting his hands go and Hipp ripping off enough power punching combinations to easily carry the round. Hipp continued his momentum into round eight. This time, he found a home for several hard uppercuts and let his hands go even more with Morrison not throwing back. Morrison looked completely exhausted and a few hard body shots from Hipp during the round seemed to take a lot from Morrison. Morrison seemed in trouble as the round closed. The pattern of the proceeding three rounds continued to open the ninth. But just as Hipp appeared to be seizing complete control of the fight, a hard right uppercut from Morrison with about 30 seconds remaining in the round stopped Hipp in his tracks. He was badly shaken and four more unanswered punches by Morrison put Hipp to the canvas for the second time in the fight. Though he would beat the count, referee Vic Drakulich would waive the fight off as Hipp was in shape to continue. Interestingly at the time of the stoppage, two judges had Morrison up 76-75 and one had Hipp in front 76-75. The win by Morrison would help propel him into an HBO televised fight In January of 1993 against Carl Williams. Offered here is a very scarce, original, on site poster for this event.

Full description: This is an original, cardboard, on site poster with color graphic depictions of both fighters. Bold color and print. Bold, clear images. Clean with no staining. No tack holes. No creases or tears. Minor edge wear. 15" x 24."

Size: 15 x 24

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Condition: excellent

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