History: The District Attorney in New york City, Mr Frank Hogan, alleged that the middleweight boxing title challenger, Rocky Graziano had admitted he was offered 100,000 dollars to lose his scheduled fight with Ruben Shank on December 27, 1946. Gamblers were reported to have placed bets on Shank at 4/1 which would have yielded them half a million dollars if Shank had won. The fight was cancelled because Graziano developed an ailing back 'A grand jury is now investigating the bribe. Mr Hogan alleged that Graziano told him he did not reject the bribe offer when he was twice approached, but finally decided to withdraw from the fight because he realized he would be double-crossing men who had bet on Shank He thereupon went to Florida. Offered here is an original wire photo which depicts Graziano with his manager, Irving Cohen and lawyer, Max Epstein arriving at the district attorney's office to testify at the grand jury looking into the matter.

Full description: This is an original Wide World Photos wire photo with their stamp and full caption on the back. Bold, clear image. Clean front and back. Not creased or torn. Minor corner wear. 7" x 9."

Size: 7 x 9

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