History: On March 8, 1971 Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali fought for the first time in Madison Square Garden in New York. Both were undefeated. Both were considered champions, Ali because he had never lost his title in the ring, Frazier because he had beaten just about everyone else and had established himself champion in Ali's absence from the ring. An epic battle in which Joe Frazier emerged victorious winning a 15 round decision and knocking Ali down in the process. It was probably Joe Frazier's finest hour. Presented here is an Ali-Frazier Fight Film poster.

Full description: This is an original, paper, fight film poster which pictures both fighters. Bold color and print/ Bold, clear images. Professionally linen backed. Not creased or torn. Clean. 28" x 41."

Size: 28 x 41

Categories: Posters (closed circuit/fight film) - Ali, Muhammad/Cassius Clay - Frazier, Joe

Condition: near mint

Quantity: 1

Price: $1250.00

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