History: John L. Sullivan was born on October 15, 1858 in Roxbury, Boston, MA. He is the link between bare knuckles and glove fighting and is considered to be one of the best heavyweights ever. Presented here is an antique cabinet card of John L. Sullivan.

Full description: This cabinet card of Sullivan measures 4 1/4 inches by 6 1/2 inches.The card has a small crease in the upper right corner.ZThe ther corners and edges show minor wear.There is a tack hole in the top border.The back is clean.The image is clean.

Size: 4 1/4 x 6 1/2

Categories: Sullivan, John L. - Cabinet Cards - Antique Photographs (Pre-1930)

Condition: very good

Quantity: 1

Price: $500.00

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