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Pedro Montanez (April 24, 1914-June 26, 1996), was a boxer from Cayey, Puerto Rico. Also known as El Torito De Cayey (The Little Bull of Cayey), he was one of the best boxers in history never to win a world title.Pedro was a Lightweight Boxer and had his most notable fight with Henry Armstrong.Presented here is a vintage signed photo
This is is vintage signed and inscribed photo of Pedro Montanez. The photo has an inscription in Spanish.The photo is dated from 1937.The photo measures 5 inches by 8 inches. There is a tear in the top of the photo that goes down the middle to the middle of Montanez'head.There are tack holes at the top and bottom.There is a crease to the left of the fighters head.The signature is in ink,the back is black with some tape residue.

Size: 5 x 8

Condition: very good