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Stanton Abbott (6/23/1867-4/23/1941) was an English lightweight who fought in the 1880's and 90's. Abbott turned professional on March 5, 1888 with a loss to Bill Baxter. Steadily improving he fought and won the English 132 pound title with a win over Harry Overton. In his career Abbott fought Owen Ziegler, Joe Gans and Kid McFarland. He retired after a loss to Joe Gans on November 29, 1897 with a final mark of 19-19-12. Offered here is a very rare silk for Stanton Abbott dated 1892 in recognition of his winning the English 132 pound title.
This is an original silk which names Abbott, is dated 1892 and includes his colors in the corners. Mounted on board (can likely be removed-attached only in corners. Bold color and print. Generally clean with minor spotting. No tears or pulls of the silk. 33" x 35."

Size: 33 x 35

Condition: excellent