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This is an original movie poster for the 1981 film Body and Soul featuring Muhammad Ali as himself. The basic idea was to update an eponymous 1947 boxing movie with John Garfield, a little-seen film which seems to be regarded positively (8.2 at IMDb). Since the original was respected and virtually unknown, it really seemed like a perfect candidate for a remake in 1981. Since the ethnic composition of the boxing world had changed dramatically between 1947 to 1981, it also made sense to have the script updated by African-Americans, and to star black and Latino boxers. Leon Isaac Kennedy took on the remake as a vanity project. He and his wife, a 5'10" beauty queen turned sportscaster named Jayne Kennedy, played the leading roles. Jayne, formerly Miss Ohio, was one of the most beautiful women who ever walked the earth. Several gorgeous women got naked in this film, including three former Playmates (Azizi Johari, Rosanne Katon, and Ola Ray). The greatest living boxer, Muhammad Ali, took a major acting role, playing his cocky self as the mentor of the fictional boxer. I liked some of the musical score, especially a romantic duet with Billy Preston and Syreeta Wright (once Mrs. Stevie Wonder).
This is an original, paper, movie poster with its original folds. It pictures Muhammad Ali. Bold color and print. Clean front and back. No tears. Minor edge wear and minor wear at folds. One sheet size, 27" x 41."

Size: 27 x 41

Condition: excellent