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Muhammad Ali fought George Foreman on October 30, 1974 in Kinshasa, Zaire. Given little chance, Ali knocked Foreman out in the 8th round to win the World Heavyweight Title for the second time. Ali employed a "rope-adope" strategy of covering up on the ropes and letting Foreman hit him until he tired. The strategy worked as an exhausted Foreman could not rise after being hit in the 8th round. Offered here is an original ALI VS FOREMAN SPECIAL ALBUM magazine which was published by Boxing Illustrated in 1973. This was a special issue magazine containing information about the fight, and fighters leading up to the event.
This is an original special issue magazine relating to the upcoming Ali-Foreman fight in 1974. 82 pages complete with illustrations. Tight binding. Clean inside and out. Not creased or torn. Pages have some minor foxing. Minor compressions from handling. 8" x 10 1/2."

Size: 8 x 10 1/2

Condition: excellent