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On January 5, 1940 at Madison Square Garden in New York light heavyweights Fred Apostoli and Melio Bettina met in the main event. Apostoli prevailed in a hard fought battle winning a majority 12 round decision. "In as savage a light-heavyweight bout as has been seen in a local ring for years, Fred Apostoli, former world middleweight champion, conquered the stout-hearted but awkward Melio Bettina". Apostoli was down in each of the first three rounds, Bettina in the 10th. The referee and one judge gave it to Apostoli by 6-4-2 and 6-5-1, the other judge made it a 6-6 draw (New York Times). Offered here is an original, full, unused ticket for this event.
This is an original, full, unused ticket which names the fighters and includes a section and seat number. Bold color and print. Stub firmly attached. Clean front and back. Not creased or torn. Minor edge wear. 2 1/4" x 6."

Size: 2 1/4 x 6

Condition: excellent