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On October 9, 1971 at the Pallazzo Dello Sport in Genoa, Italy world light welterweight champion Bruno Arcari defended his title against Domingo Barrera Corpas in the main event. Arcari prevailed knocking out Corpas in the 10th round. Challenger Domingo Barrera Corpas collapsed to the canvas, grasping his knee in the 10th round. Referee Teddy Waltham of England counted out the grimacing Barrera Corpas, even though he had fallen without being hit by a punch. The Spaniard claimed he had been struck by a coin hurled from the crowd. Arcari was about six feet away from Barrera Corpas when his opponent buckled. The strange knockout ended nine rounds and about a minute of the most confusing, disorganized title boxing in memory in Italy. Barrera Corpas had launched himself at Arcari with a windmill of wild punches and shoves throughout the fight. Arcari got the best of the punching, but had trouble keeping his balance...Waltham was bending down to pick up one such object (coin) when the challenger went down" AP had fight at 3 rounds each with three even before it ended. Source: AP. Offered here is an original credential for this fight used to gain admittance to the arena.
This is an original credential printed on heavy stock which includes the original wrist string. Bold color and print. Clean fornt and back. Has acenter crease. Minor edge wear. 2 3/4" x 4."

Size: 2 3/4 x 4

Condition: very good