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On August 25, 1930 at Recreation Park in San Francisco heavyweights Max Baer and Frankie Campbell hooked up in an important divisional fight. Baer came in 15 pounds heavier than Campbell and was clearly the bigger puncher. He stopped Campbell in the 5th round of fight which ended tragically. Onlookers claimed that Baer slugged Campbell "unmercifully" after he was already unconscious but had held onto his feet by the ropes. (UP) Doctors worked over Campbell in the open air ring at the baseball park for half an hour and, failing to revive him, took him to a local hospital where other physicians and nurses worked over him for several hours. Campbell died from a severe concussion of the brain. The state athletic commission soon suspended Referee Irwin for his failure to stop the fight, J. Hamilton Lorimer (Baer's manager), Carol E. Working and Tom Maloney (Campbell's managers), and seconds Tillie (Kid?) Herman, Ray Carlin, Frankie Burns, and Larry Morrison. Presented here is an extremely rare on site poster from this event which was immortalized in the recent movie CINDERELLA MAN.
This poster is paper and pictures, Baer, Campbell and Jack Dempsey. It has been professionally linen backed. It has some restoration on the edges and around the insert picturing Max Baer. 20" x 28." Bold color and bold images and print. The words, "WON K.O.5 rd" are neatly written in pencil above Baer's name. Original fold lines are faint, but evident. Exceedingly rare, possibly unique.

Size: 20 x 28

Condition: excellent