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This is na original 1943 movie lobby card for the film Buckskin Frontier which featured former heavyweight champion Max Baer. Here is an overview of the film: Originally slated for Paramount release, Buckskin Frontier was ultimately distributed by United Artists. Richard Dix stars as railroad troubleshooter Stephen Bent, assigned to supervise the building of 120 miles of track through the treacherous Santa Fe cutoff. He is opposed in this mission by land baron and freight service owner Jeptha Marr (Lee J. Cobb), who backs up his opposition with hired guns. Marr, in turn, is defied by his daughter Vinnie (Jane Wyatt), who is not only a visionary, but has also fallen in love with Bent. Amusingly, though Lee J. Cobb and Jane Wyatt play father and daughter in Buckskin Frontier, both actors were 31 years old at the time! The film was produced by Harry "Pop" Sherman, of "Hopalong Cassidy" fame.
This is na original movie lobby card which is printed on heavy stock and pictures Max Baer. Bold color and print. Bold, clear image. Minor spotting on left border. Not creased. Has a clipped lower left corner and minor edge wear. 11" x 14."

Size: 11 x 14

Condition: very good