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On July 4, 1931 at the Race Track Arena in Reno, Nevada heavyweights Max Baer and Paolino Uzcudun squared in off in an important heavyweight match. The New York Times characterized it this way, This is the "first heavyweight bout of any importance in Reno since [Jack] Johnson defeated [James] Jeffries July 4, 1910." Some 18,000 people attended, "virtually equalling the normal population of the city." New York Times. Uzcudun pulled off the victory winning a 20 round decision. Presented here is an original antique panoramic photograph of the Baer-Uzcudun fight.
This panoramic photograph was done by Chas. Z. Bailey Photographers of Los Angeles. It depicts the crowd looking on with the combatants seated in their corners during the fight. This is a four panel photograph which has been assembled and put on board. There is slight separation at the seams. There is one compression on the right side. Crisp images throughout. 9" x 47 1/2." Exceedingly rare, the only example we have seen.

Size: 9 x 47 1/2

Condition: excellent