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Duane Bobick was born on August 24, 1950 in Minnesota. He fought as a heavyweight during the 1970's. During his career he fought Ken Norton, Mike Weaver and John Tate among others. Bobick defeated Larry Holmes as an amateur in 1972 to earn a spot on the 1972 Olympic Team. Presented here is a souvenir pin which celebrated Bobick's being named to our Olympic Team and issued on a special day for him in his home state. Bobick has signed the pin.
This is a souvenir, metallic pin which pictures Bobick. He has signed it in black sharpie. Bold color and print and bold, clear image. Clean front and back. Pin firmly attached to back. No dents. No pitting or rust. 3 1/2" diameter. Rare, the only example we have seen.

Size: 3 1/2 inch diameter

Condition: excellent