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On June 17, 1966, at about 2:30 AM, two black males entered the Lafayette Bar and Grill in Paterson, NJ, and started shooting. The bartender and one male customer were killed instantly. A badly-wounded female customer died almost a month later, while a third customer survived the attack, despite being shot in the head and losing the sight in one eye. Carter and a companion, John Artis, were brought to the scene and questioned extensively before being released. There was little physical evidence, and no eyewitness identified Carter or Artis as the killers. However, several months later, two petty criminals named Alfred Bello and Dexter Bradley - who had been near the Lafayette that same night identified the two black males that they claimed to have seen carrying weapons outside the bar as Carter and Artis. This, plus the identification of Carter's car by another witness, and the presence in Carter's car of ammunition similar to that used in the murders, convinced an all-white jury that Carter and Artis were the killers. Both men were convicted and sentenced to life in prison. In 1974 John Artis and Rubin "Hurrican" Carter" appeared at New Jersey Superior before the same judge who presided over their trial. Arguments were made for a new trial, but was refused at that time. Eventually, the convictions would be thrown out and the State of New Jersey would not seek a new trial against the pair. Presented here is an oriignal courtroom sketching of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter and John Artis done by Ida Libby Dengrove. Here is a brief biography of Mrs. Dengrove. Ida Libby Dengrove was a New York courtroom artist who visualized the moods and faces of some notorious trials. A portrait painter away from court, Mrs. Dengrove worked as a courtroom illustrator for NBC-TV from 1973 to 1986. It allowed her to take her sketch pad where cameras were forbidden and capture the proceedings in her own distinctive style. Her pictorial reportage won two Emmy awards. She was cited for her newscast illustrations of the sensational Son of Sam trial of David Berkowitz (1977-78), and again for the Murder at the Met trial (1980-81) of Craig S. Crimmins, the stagehand convicted of slaying a young violinist, Helen Hagnes Mintiks. She sketched the principals in the trial of Jean Harris for the murder of Dr. Herman Tarnower and documented court appearances by John Lennon, Senator Harrison A. Williams Jr., John W. Hinckley Jr., John J. Gotti and Gen. William C. Westmoreland, to name a few. Some of her sketches, meant for television, also turned up on the front pages of newspapers. Mrs. Dengrove died in 2005.
This is an original pastel sketch which is signed by the artist and dated 1974. Magnificent likenesses of the two principals. In fine condition. Bold color with no rips, tears or creasing. No soiling. 12" x 16."

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