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HISTORY: On January 17, 1942 Cassius Marcellus Clay was born in Louisville, Kentucky. As early as 1956 he began a fighting career which would take him all the way to an Olympic gold medal and the world heavyweight championship. Clay became interested in black activism and developed a relationship with Malcolm X in the early 1960's. The young fighter began to call himself Cassius X and, in a few short months in 1963, he laid the foundations of greatness. He quietly adopted the name – the X symbolizing a crossing out of his slave name – while embracing the teachings of the Nation of Islam while also building up to his first world heavyweight title fight. After that fight in 1964 with Sonny Liston he would win the world heavyweight title and change his name forever to Muhammad Ali. Offered here is an exceedingly rare index card which has been vintage signed Cassius X Clay. It is also signed on the back by fighter Jackie Brown. This likely dates to 1963-1964 when Ali was using the name Cassius X. Authenticated by PSA/DNA.

FULL DESCRIPTION: This is a white, blank index card. Boldly signed in ink, "Cassius X Clay." Clean. Not creased or torn. Encapsulated and authenticated by PSA/DNA with their Cert # 84253354. 3" x 5." Rare, the only example of this signature we have offered.

Size: 3" x 5"

Condition: Excellent