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George Cook was born in Cobraha, Australia, on 23rd January 1898. He stood at only 5’ 9” tall, had a reach of 73 ½”, and weighed around 190 pounds. Due to his lack of height, Cook tended to prefer infighting. His career started in 1916 with a 15 round points loss to Jim Tracey. During a globe trotting career which lasted until 1938, he fought in all corners of the world including Australia, France, England, Germany, Argentina, South Africa, Sweden, U.S.A, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and Wales, and that was before the aeroplane shrunk the globe. He fought some very good fighters throughout his career, including Georges Carpentier (L KO4), Tom Heeney (W 15), Jack Sharkey (L 10), Primo Carnera (L KO2 & L KO4), Johnny Risko (WF 5), Paolino Uzcudun (W 15 & W 10), Young Stribling (L10, L10, L KO8 & ND 10) and Walter Neusel (L 12). He also unsuccessfully challenged for the British Empire title 4 times against Joe Beckett (LF 6), Phil Scott (LF 17), Larry Gains (L 15) and Jack Petersen (L 15). He did however win the Australian heavyweight title in 1926 with a 20 round points win over American Jack (Tiger) Payne who had only held the title for a record 8 days. Cook relinquished the title when he sailed overseas again. He eventually retired in 1938 after a loss to Jack London (L KO2). George Cook certainly had one of the most interesting careers of all Australian boxers. Cook passed away in England in 1943 aged 45 years old. Record: TB 116, W 49 (13), L 51 (15), D 12, ND 4. Offered here is an original real photo postcard of George Cook in fight pose.
This is an original Beagles real photo postcard of George Cook in fight pose. Unused. Bold, clear image. Clean. Minor back damage from mounting. Minor corner wear. Not creased or torn. 3 1/2" x 5 1/2."

Size: 3 1/2 x 5 1/2

Condition: very good