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James J. Corbett, World Heavyweight champion from 1892-1897, was one of the earliest “cross-over” athletes in history. In a time when it was considerably more difficult to achieve acting status as an athlete (much less by a prizefighter), Corbett was able to aggrandize his fame by starring in the play, “A Naval Cadet” (directed by William A. Brady). This was in large part due to his impeccable public image. Plays and vaudeville skits starring "Gentleman" Jim Corbett flourished soon after he knocked out John L. Sullivan for the title in 1892 (for example "Gentleman Jack" [1892]). "A Naval Cadet" is one of his better-known vehicles and seems to have compelled Corbett to develop as an actor more seriously, allowing him to appear in more sophisticated works like "Cashel Byron's Profession" (1906). Vincent's play allowed Corbett to try the light comedian role for which he would be known in theatrical circles. Offered here is an original stone lithographic poster for James J. Corbett in A Naval Cadet. The poster has been framed with an exceptionally large ink signature of Corbett. Both are dated 1895 when Corbett was reigning as world heavyweight champion.
Visually impressive stone lithograph from Stobridge Litho Co. is in vibrant condition. Bold color and print. Bold, clear images. Clean without staining. Not creased. Minor surface wear. 17 1/2" x 27." Framed with a large ink signature, "Yours Truly Jas J Corbett June 30/95. Not creased or torn. Fountain pen ink. 4" x 7 1/2." Framed professionally to 24" x 37 1/2."

Size: 24 x 37 1/2

Condition: excellent