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HISTORY: James J. Corbett made his reputation by fighting a grueling 61 round epic draw with the great Peter Jackson. The “Black Prince” as Jackson was known was considered by many as the best fighter in the world. At 6’1” 210 pounds Jackson was considered a magnificent specimen of fighting prowess. The reigning champion John L. Sullivan refused to fight Jackson by drawing the “color line” saying, “I have never fought a Negro and I never shall.” Corbett had no such reservations. The betting was 5-1 on Jackson. The two met on May 21, 1891 at San Francisco, Ca. In the opening session Jackson swarmed all over Corbett. Jackson tried to knock Corbett out right in the first round. Corbett had never had to move so quickly to escape his opponents blows before. He ducked, danced, clinched and tried to keep Jackson at bay with quick jabs but was only partially successful at doing so. Jackson pressed the fight in the early rounds. In the 16th a hard right to the body by Jackson hurt Corbett. Then Corbett began to counter Jackson with his own jabs to the body. Corbett used his left shoulder to press against Jackson on the inside to keep from getting nailed by Jackson’s powerful uppercuts. Corbett also began countering Jackson’s uppercut with snapping left hooks. In the 28th round a flurry of punches had Jackson in trouble, but by the 30th round both men began to wind down and tire. The bout then became one of endurance and it was eventually called due to exhaustion on the parts of both men and declared a draw. Offered here is an original Police Gazette Supplement Poster which commemorated this outstanding fight. This poster was issued on May 19, 1894.

FULL DESCRIPTION: This is an original, paper, Police Gazette Supplement poster which pictures both fighters. Professionally linen backed. Bold color and print. Bold, clear images. Clean. Not creased or torn. Minor restoration at the edges. As fine a specimen as you will find. Quite scarce. 16 1/2" x 23."

Size: 16 1/2 x 23

Condition: excellent