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HISTORY: Jack Curley (July 4, 1876 - July 12, 1937), born Jacques Armand Schuel, was a sports promoter of the early 1900s. He managed several high-profile boxing events around the turn-of-the-century and he also established professional wrestling as a viable business in the big city, and he eventually built the New York office into an industry power while negotiating an agreement between the nation’s most powerful regional territories.  He also managed some of the era’s premier boxers, including George Gardiner, Jimmy Gardner, Jim Flynn, Georges Carpentier and Jess Willard. He was the proprietor of the arena at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in Seattle in 1909.  And he promoted a few boxing shows--such as the 1912 Jack Johnson vs. Fireman Jim Flynn (2nd meeting) bout and the 1915 Jack Johnson vs. Jess Willard title bout, but was soon "squeezed out" of boxing promotion by Tex Rickard and Jack Kearns. He did tennis promotion. And, supposedly, he also invented the one-piece bathing suit. Offered here is an original, first generation photograph of Jack Curley (center) posing with sports writer Sandy Griswold and promoter Otto Floto. 


FULL DESCRIPTION: This is an original, first generation photograph with a caption on the back from the New York Telegram. Bold, clear image. Clean front and back. Not creased. Has some edge and corner wear. Stunning images of three of the powers of boxing and wrestling at the early part of the 20th century. 7" x 9."

Size: 7 x 9

Condition: excellent