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On September 27, 1986 at Caesars Hotel in Atlantic City world welterweight champion Donald Curry fought Lloyd Honeyghan in the main event. Honeyghan stopped Curry in the 6th round to win the title. Honeyghan was ranked #1 by the WBC. The fight was considered to be such a mismatch that some oddsmakers refused to issue a betting line. Honeyghan bet $5,000 on himself at 5-1 odds. Curry's purse was $300,000, and Honeyghan's was $162,750. The fight was held in a showroom at the Caesars Atlantic City Hotel Casino. There was a crowd of about 1,000. The fight was televised live by Showtime. Curry's training was disrupted by managerial issues. His managerial contract with David Gorman was to expire on September 30, 1986, and Curry announced that Akbar Muhammad would become his new manager. Muhammad said he wanted Gorman to remain a part of Curry's team, but Gorman said he wouldn't accept a position as co-manager and would not let Curry work out of his gym if he was not Curry's manager. Curry told Gorman to stay away from his training camp, but shortly before the fight, Curry asked him to work in his corner for the fight and Gorman agreed.Akbar Muhammad said Curry weighed 168 pounds six and one half weeks prior to the fight. Then his grandfather's death caused Curry to lose concentration. "His weight went up to 157, 158. He told me, 'I don't think I can make the weight.' He wanted to pull out of the fight," Muhammad said. "I told him he was a professional and had an obligation to meet. "When Curry returned to his corner after the sixth round, with blood flowing down his face from a deep gash over his left eye, he shook his head and was heard to tell his corner, "I'm through." The fight was named The Ring Upset of the Year for 1986. Offered here is a very scarce original, official program for this event.
This is an original, official program consisting of 4 pages complete with scorecard, photos of the fighters and the tale of the tape. Tight binding. Not scored. Clean inside and out. No center crease, but does have a mild fold on back cover. No tears. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2."

Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

Condition: very good