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On June 7,1996 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Oscar De la Hoya met Julio Cesar Chavez for the Light Welterweight title. De La Hoya won the bout by a 4th round TKO. The fight was shown only on closed circuit television because Bob Arum, De La Hoya's promoter, said cable companies had not clamped down on widespread use of "black boxes" to steal pay-per-view signals and had refused to pay him upfront guarantees for his promotions. De La Hoya was a 2-1 favorite. There was a crowd of 15,283 at Caesars Palace. A cut was opened over Chavez's left eye early in the first round. In the fourth round, with Chavez a bloody mess, referee Joe Cortez called time and had Chavez examined by ringside physician Flip Homansky, who stopped the fight. Afterwards, Chavez said he suffered the cut over his left eye five days before the fight, but his camp didn't tell anyone because he didn't want to postpone the fight. Marc Ratner, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, said Chavez underwent a pre-fight examination and the cut had gone undetected. Presented here is an original, on site poster for this event.
This is an original, paper, on site poster which pictures both fighters. Bold color and print. Bold, clear images. No tack holes. No center crease. Small fold at lower left corner. Minor edge wear. 22" x 28."

Size: 22 x 28

Condition: very good