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On July 4,1919 on a blazing hot day in Toledo, Ohio Jack Dempsey ushered in a new era in boxing with his devastating victory over Jess Willard, then Heavyweight Champion. As America was at the dawn of the exciting "roaring 20's" it had a new and exciting champion to go with it, Jack Dempsey. The motion picture film of the fight was censored and not shown for twenty years. Offered here is an original wire photo which depicts Jack Dempsey standing over a fallen Jess Willard as the referee separates them.
This is an original International Film Service wire photo with their stamp on the back. Linen backed. Bold, clear image. Clean with no staining. Not creased or torn. Minor edge wear. 8" x 10." Incredible image.

Size: 8 x 10

Condition: excellent