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Jack Dempsey was born on June 24, 1895 in Manassa, Colorado. He defeated Jess Willard on July 4, 1919 to win the World Heavyweight Title and held the title until September 23, 1926 when he lost to Gene Tunney. Dempsey announced his retirement in February of 1928 with a final record of 64-6-9 with 49 KO's. When a film vehicle was needed for heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey, his producers wisely decided to use the story from a 1916 Douglas Fairbanks film, Manhattan Madness. They changed it around, added a lot more fisticuffs, and co-starred the fighter's new bride, Estelle Taylor (the couple, incidentally, would divorce in 1931). The basic story line, however, remains the same -- Steve O'Dare (Dempsey) is called to New York on business, and he wires that he hopes his East Coast friends have some excitement set up for him, because the big city can't possibly compare to the West. On the train to New York, he meets a beautiful and mysterious young woman (Taylor). He sees her again in a cabaret and she tells him that she is in trouble. While trying to come to her aid, he is attacked by a gang and must try to hang onto a curious box that everybody apparently wants. After knocking quite a few people unconscious, O'Dare finds himself in a seemingly deserted house which turns out to have a dining room full of his friends. The whole intrigue was a set up so that O'Dare could have the excitement he was looking for. He outsmarts everyone by taking the girl as his wife. Offered here is an original movie lobby card from Manhattan Madness starring Jack Dempsey.
This is an original movie lobby card printed on heavy stock picturing Jack Dempsey and his then wife Estelle Taylor. Bold color and print. Bold, clear images. Has a center crease. Tack holes on perimeter and two in body of card. Minor soiling. Edge and corner wear. Two, light Show Pictures Inc stamps outside the images. Exceptionally rare. 11" x 14."

Size: 11 x 14

Condition: good