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On June 20, 1980 Roberto Duran defeated Sugar Ray Leonard by 15 round decision to win the World Welterweight Title. The two rematched On November 25, 1980 in New Orleans. This time the outcome was different. From the outset Leonard utilized his adept boxing skills and superior speed to dominate Duran. In round 8 a frustrated Duran declared "No Mas" and although seemingly unhurt, he quit fighting. This came as a shock to the boxing world who had long admired Duran for his grit and toughness. Offered here is an original souvenir pin from this fight which pictures Roberto Duran.
This is an original, metallic, souvenir pin which pictures Roberto Duran in fight pose. Lists the day of the fight and names Duran in Spanish. Clean front and back. No dents or scratches. Pin firmly attached to the back. 2 1/4" diameter. Rare, one of the very few we have seen.

Size: 2 1/4 inch diameter

Condition: excellent