Farley,Jim Letter to Nat Fleischer with Photo 1934


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James (Jim) Aloysius Farley (May 30, 1888–June 9, 1976) was an American politician who served as head of the Democratic National Committee and Postmaster General. Farley was the campaign manager for Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932 and 1936, scoring large landslides, and helping pull together the New Deal Coalition of Catholics, labor unions and big city machines.Presented here is a letter from Farley to Nat Fleischer.
This is a type written letter from Jim Farley to Nat Fleischer,Editor of Ring Magazine.The letter measures 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches.The content is about a requst for the President's autograph.Signed just "Jim" at the bottom.The letter has the usual folds from being mailed and is on Democratic National Committe letterhead.Dated 1934.The back has a rust colored stain that does not go through to the front.Also included is a picture of Farley that measures appx. 3 inches by 5 inches.

Size: 8 1/2 " x 11"

Condition: very good