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HISTORY: On February 21, 1896 near Langtry, Texas future world heavyweight champion Robert Fitzsimmons fought Peter Maher. Fitzsimmons knocked Maher out in the first round. They wore 5-ounce gloves. This bout was billed for the world heavyweight title & for the National Police Gazette Championship Belt. Held near Langtry, TX, in Coahuila, Mexico. Judge Roy Bean was responsible for bringing Maher and Fitzsimmons together. Bean thumbed his nose at the Texas Rangers and Mexican authorities by holding the bout on a sandbar in the Rio Grande river. This was done to thwart the authority of the Rangers and made it impossible for the Mexicans to gain access to his location. Spectators were brought in on a special train and a footbridge was constructed to allow easier access to the sandbar. Alcohol flowed and the wagers were made. Weights were from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. The men would fight a three-round exhibition at Madison Square Garden February 29, 1896. Offered here is an original, exceptionally rare, lapel stud pin which was made to commemorate this historic fight.

FULL DESCRIPTION: This is an original, exceptionally rare, celluloid covered, lapel stud pin which was made to commemorate this historic fight. Made by Pettibone of Cincinnati as noted on the reverse. .75" diameter  with tin rim holding clear celluloid sheet over printed paper illustration of them in a boxing ring fighting bare-handed. This could be the first ever use of celluloid in the construction of a boxing event souvenir. There is a very shallow .25" hairline indent line on the cello surface that will catch reflected light but which is so tiny as to be near invisible. Only one has been seen. Exc. Paul Muchinsky Collection Book Example.

Size: 3/4" diameter

Condition: Excellent