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ack Johnson fought Fireman Jim Flynn on July 4, 1912 in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Johnson stopped Flynn in the 9th round to successfully defend his World Heavyweight Title. "Flynn displayed no ability throughout the fight." Flynn was cut about the face and by the sixth round, he was deliberately trying to butt the champion's chin with his head. Time after time, as Johnson held him powerless in the clinches, Flynn jerked his head upward. The referee warned him repeatedly, but it did no good. Flynn told the referee, "He's hold me, he's holding me!" In the seventh round, he began leaping upward every time he could work his head under Johnson's chin. The fight was stopped in the ninth round by the state police, who declared it a brutal exhibition. The referee then announced that Johnson had won and the fight was over. Associated Press - July 5, 1912. Presented here is an original, real photo postcard which pictures Fireman Jim Flynn and his training camp as he prepared for the fight.
This is an original, real photo postcard dated April 25, 1912 from Hot Springs, Arkansas as Flynn and his group prepared for this fight. In addition to Flynn promoter Jim Curley is pictured. Poscard is used and date stamped April 26, 1912 from Hot Springs. Bold, clear image. Clean. Tiny crease at lower right corner. Minor edge and corner wear. 3 1/2" x 5 1/2."

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Condition: very good