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HISTORY: In 1967 Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali was stripped of his title for refusing induction into the armed services. The 1964 Olympic Heavyweight Gold Medalist Joe Frazier emerged as the best of a group of up and coming heavyweights during this period (1967-1970) when Ali was forced into retirement. Frazier won the New York version of the Heavyweight Title on March 4, 1968 stopping Buster Mathis in 11 rounds. He defended that title 4 times. On February 16, 1970 Frazier met Jimmy Ellis at New York's Madison Square Garden to determine the new Heavyweight Champion. Ellis could not stand up to Frazier's onslaught and was stopped in 5 rounds. Presented here is a souvenir wooden coin issued to commemorate this event.

FULL DESCRIPTION: This is a souvenir wooden coin from the Sports Information Series. Clean front and back. Not nicked. Bold print. 1 1/2" in diameter.

Size: 1 1/2 inch diameter

Condition: excellent