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HISTORY: On December 10, 1968 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia world heavyweight champion Joe Frazier defended his title against Oscar Bonavena. Frazier won a 15 round unanimous decision. Right from the opening bell neither man budged, but it was the champion's better work that earned him the decision while Bonavena (207) tended to throw single shots. Although there were no knockdowns it was a vicious battle, made worse by the fact that Bonavena was unable to keep his punches up, Frazier (203) being forced to complain on several occasions. After the referee deducted a point from the Argentinian in the eighth it failed to make the slightest difference, Bonavena continuing to punch wildly despite the referee warning him again and again. All the better blows came from Frazier, especially in the fourth when he rocked the tough Bonavena with several terrific left hooks that would have seen off most opponents. At the end of the contest both of Bonavena's eyes were almost closed. Offered here is an original, full, on site ticket for this event.

FULL DESCRIPTION: This is an original, full, on site ticket which pictures both fighters. Bold color and print and bold, clear images. Not creased or torn. Stub is attached, but fragile. Soiling near Bonavena's head. Some back damage from mounting. 2 1/4" x 5 1/4." Rare full ticket.

Size: 2 1/4 x 5 1/4

Condition: very good