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Tony Galento was born on March 12, 1910 in Orange, New Jersey. He fought Joe Louis for the World Heavyweight Title on June 28, 1939 but was not victorious. He retired after fighting Herbie Katz on June 1, 1943 with a final record of 75-26-5 with 53 KO's. Joe "Yussel" Jacobs (Born: May 4, 1896; Died: April 24, 1940) Jacobs, who was Jewish, was originally from New York's Hell's Kitchen on the West Side. He broke into boxing when two of his friends, Willie and Dave Astey, asked him to carry their boxing equipment into Madison Square Garden. Once in the arena, Jacobs allegedly found his way into a fighter's corner as a second, thus beginning his career in boxing. Jacobs's stable included: Max Schmeling, Ted Moore, Andre Routis, Tony Galento, Mike McTigue and Frankie Genaro. Offered here is an original souvenir pinback of Tony Galento.
This is an original, metallic, souvenir pin picturing Tony Galento and declaring, "TWO TON" TONY GALENTO IS MY PAL." Pin firmly attached to back. Bold, clear image. No dents. Clean. Rare issue. 3" diameter.

Size: 3 inch diameter

Condition: excellent