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Joe Gans (born Joseph Gant, November 25, 1874 - August 10, 1910) was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Gans was rated as the greatest lightweight boxer of all time by boxing historian and Ring Magazine founder, Nat Fleischer and was known as the "Old Master". He fought from 1891 to 1909. Gans started boxing professionally about 1891 in Baltimore. In 1900, Gans quit with an eye cut in the twelfth round of the world lightweight title bout against champion Frank Erne. In their rematch two years later, Gans knocked Erne out in one round to capture the lightweight title. Gans reigned as champion from 1902 to 1908. In an important title defense he defeated the "Durable Dane", Oscar "Battling" Nelson on a foul in 42 rounds on September 3, 1906 in Goldfield, Nevada by promoter Tex Rickard. When they fought again two years later Gans lost by a knockout. He died in August 1910, of tuberculosis and is buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery in Baltimore. His monument is maintained by the IBC (International Boxing Commission) and sits just to the left of the main entrance of the cemetery. Gans is generally considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time, pound-for-pound. Offered here is an original, first generation, large format, mounted antique photograph of Joe Gans.
This is an original, large format, first generation photograph mounted on antique board. Gans in full fight pose. No photographer's stamp. Photo has no creases or tears. Image has slight fading. Mount has some chips and staining which in no way affects the photograph. Gans is shown as he appeared in his prime. Minor spots on photo. 12" x 16" photograph on a mount of 20" x 20."

Size: 12 x 16

Condition: excellent