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Offered here is an Arturo Gatti Team jacket which dates to the time of his 2006 fight with Thomas Damgaard. This jaclet came right off the back of Arturo Gatti and was given to hid sparring partner Fred Tukes. Tukes has presented a notarized letter explaining how he got the jacket during preparation for Gatti's fight with Damgaard.
This is a long sleeve, blue wool and white leather Team Gatti coat. There is a manufacturer's tag for Rock Creek Athletics in the collar. Size XL. TEAM GATTI logo is on the reverse. Two front pockets at hip. Minor wear and minor soiling to leather. No tears. Presented by Arturo Gatti to his sparring partner for the Damgaard fight, Fred Tukes, and comes with a notarized letter of explanation from Tukes.

Size: XL

Condition: excellent