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On May 6, 1959 at the Capitol Arena in Washington, D.C. middleweights Joey Giardello and Holly Mims battled in a featured bout. Giardello won a ten round split decision. "Joey Giardello, blood gushing from a slashed face, thrust himself into the middleweight sweepstakes Wednesday night with a heroic finish that gained him a 10 round split decision over Holly Mims. Giardello rallied from a beating in the 8th round and won the verdict in the nationally televised slugfest. Mims opened a slight cut over Giardello's left eye in the 1st but really tore a gash on the right side of Joey's face in the furious 8th. A left-right hurt Giardello early in the session and a jolting left buckled him near the end. But Giardello, who had to win to stay in the running for the middleweight title stripped from Ray Robinson by the NBA, held off Mims in the 9th and won the chips-down 10th on all three cards." -Associated Press. Offered here is an original wire photo which depicts 10th round action.
This is an Associated Press wire photo with their stamp on back and caption on front. Bold, clear image. Clean front and back. Not creased or torn. 8" x 10."

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