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Harry Greb known as "The Human Windmill" for his tenacious boxing style won the World Middleweight Championship on August 31, 1923 over Johnny Wilson. He successfully defended it five times before losing to Tiger Flowers on February 26, 1926. A few months after losing the rematch to Flowers he was involved in an auto accident. He died on October 22, 1926 from complications in surgery. His career posted 264 victories including notables like Gene Tunney, Mickey Walker, Tommy Loughran and Jimmy Delaney. Offered here are the boxing gloves worn by Harry Greb in his fight with Mickey Shannon on October 28, 1920 at Exposition Hall in Pittsburgh. Greb won a ten round decision over the bigger Shannon who weighed 191 lbs. for the fight to Greb's 164 lbs. The fight was described, "Harry Greb, light-heavyweight of Pittsburgh, won the newspaper decision over Mickey Shannon of Newark N.J. in their ten round bout here Thursday night. Greb scored a knockdown in the ninth round, but Shannon recovered and was able to stay the limit." (Decatur Daily Review) The Pittsburgh Post reported that Greb went in and simply traded blows with the heavier Shannon, making little effort at defense. Shannon held his own in the first round and clearly won the second. Greb handed out a lot of punishment in the next four rounds. Shannon rallied in the 7th, but Greb fought back and cut his eye. Greb socked Shannon all over the ring in the last three rounds, flooring him for a 3-count in the 9th. Shannon was badly marked at the end.
These are the fight gloves used by Harry Greb in is fight with Mickey Shannon. These gloves were part of the collection of boxing trainer Jimmy DeForest. The gloves are 4 ounce leather with a horehair interior. There is a tear on the right hand glove exposing the horsehair. The laces are not present. The gloves show heavy use, but the one tear is the only opening. The gloves are identified on the interior in ink. In the right hand glove is written, "KKY" Harry Greb vs. Mickey Shannon Greb-Wins 10 RD. DEC." Inside the left glove is written, "Place Exposition-Hall Pitts: PA. Year -1920 "Duke" "To Happy" "Cheerio." Jimmy DeForest (New Jersey) trained such greats as James J. Jeffries, Joe Gans, George Dixon, Original Joe Walcott, Kid McCoy, Tommy Ryan, Pal Moore, Jack Sharkey, Luis Firpo and Jack Dempsey. He also promoted the Harry Greb/Mickey Walker bout. DeForest also had an extensive collection of boxing memorabilia. Much was lost in a house fire in the late 1920's, but much survived. Much of the remains was purchased by Lelands Auctions in the early 1990's. Included in the collection were these gloves and gloves of ring greats, Kid McCoy, Jack Dempsey, Barbadoes Joe Walcott, Frank Erne and many others. DeForest's practice was to list the name of the fighter who wore the gloves first when writing the bout name inside the glove, as was done here. These gloves come with a Letter Of Authenticity from Lelands and from Craig Hamilton of JO Sports, Inc.

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