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HISTORY: On July 15, 1970 at Madison Square Garden in New York former champions Dick Tiger and Emile Griffith fought in the featured main event middleweight bout. Griffith dominated and won a unanimous ten round decision. Associated Press-July 16, 1970-Emile Griffith breezed past slow, ring-rusty 40-year-old Dick Tiger last night and won a unanimous decision in a 10-round match at Madison Square Garden. Tiger, who weighed 167, had a 10-pound edge on Griffith, 157. There were no knockdowns or anything close to it although Tiger did slip down briefly in the fifth round of the fight, witnessed by a crowd of 8,071 paying $46,976 and special network television audience. Tiger, plainly showing his age and the effects of an eight-month layoff, was unable to cope with Griffith's constant moves and quick hands. Although Griffith, 32, was a few notches below his old form when he held the welter and middleweight crowns, he was an easy winner in this rematch of a disputed fight of four year ago. When they met in 1966, Griffith won Tiger's world middleweight crown on a unanimous but disputed decision. Tiger had waited four years for a chance to get even, but it was too late. The fans cheered Tiger and booed Griffith when he bounced into the ring wearing a purple velvet jacket with yellow trim. They booed during the fight when he showboated and did the old Kid Gavilan or Ali shuffle and stuck out his head as though daring Tiger to hit him. The Tiger was unable to put together combinations. When he did get close enough to Griffith to cut loose he only threw them one at a time. Too often missing. Only in the final seconds of the last round did he break through with any effectiveness. Referee Della stepped between the two men in the 10th round and warned them for talking to one another. Tiger gestured that Griffith had started it, as, indeed he had. Griffith appeared to be taunting Tiger throughout the fight. Emile, spurred by the shrill magpie chirps of his mother and cousin Bernard in ringside seats, bobbed his head, bounced on his toes, flicked jabs and threw few solid punches. Note: This was the final fight of Tiger's career. He died 17 months later of liver cancer. Offered here is a rare, original, on site poster for this event.

FULL DESCRIPTION: This is an original, paper, on site poster which pictures both fighters. Bold color and print. Bold, clear images. Includes original folds. Clean front and back. Minor edge and corner wear. 27" x 40." Exceptionally rare, especially in this one sheet size.

Size: 27 x 40

Condition: very good