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Pete Herman (February 12, 1896 – April 13, 1973) was one of the all time great bantamweight world champions. An Italian-American, Herman was born Peter Gulotta in New Orleans, Louisiana, and fought from 1912 until 1922. He retired with a record of 69 wins (19 by KO), 11 losses, 8 draws and 61 No Decisions in 149 bouts. Herman was a smooth boxer and great body puncher. He fought his first pro fight at the age of 16, and two years later held his own during a 10-round No Decision bout against world bantamweight champion Kid Williams. Herman eventually won the title from Williams, even though Williams was allowed to pick his own referee for the match. Nevertheless, referee Bill Rocap awarded Herman the decision and the bantamweight title after 20 rounds of fighting. Herman's most memorable match was fought against Jimmy Wilde, the legendary English flyweight champion of the world. The two fought in 1920, three weeks after Herman lost his bantamweight title in Madison Square Garden to Joe Lynch. The Wilde-Herman fight was staged in London. Herman used his weight advantage and body punching to wear Wilde down. Herman hurt Wilde in the 15th and knocked him through the ropes three times in the 17th round to end the fight. The classy Wilde made no excuses. He stated after the fight "I can sincerely say that Herman beat me because he was the better boxer." On July 25, 1921 Herman fought Lynch in a rematch for the world bantamweight title in storied Ebbets Field. This time Herman easily outpointed Lynch to regain the crown fueling speculation that he had thrown the first fight. He lost his championship two fights later when he was outpointed by Johnny Buff. Herman had begun losing sight in one eye, and he claimed to have been blind in that eye when he fought Buff. He fought five more times, knocking out number one contender Packy O'Gatty in one round, and retired in 1922. Offered here is an original, large format, antique photograph of Pete Herman as he looked at the height of his career.
This is an original, first generation, large format photograph. Photographer, National Studios stamp in lower right corner. No creases or tears. Mounted on board. Edge and corner wear. Bold image with exceptional quality. 19" x 25." Rare, especially in this size.

Size: 19 x 25

Condition: excellent