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One Round Hogan (Born 1889-Died 1959), also known as "Jack Hogan," was credited with scoring 18 consecutive first round knockouts for a number of years. However, this was never confirmed, and Young Otto became the official record holder for most consecutive first round knockouts until that record was broken in 2006 by Edwin Valero. Hogan began his professional career fighting a draw with Jack Craig on March 4, 1910. In his career, much as a lightweight, Hogan fought the likes of Battling Nelson, Knockout Brown, Packey McFarland, Harlem Tommy Murphy, and Leach Cross. He retired after a los to Sengalese Zappo on November 12, 1928 with a final mark of 13-23-5. In early 1929, Hogan sued a motion picture company for $75,000, claiming his reputation was ridiculed and harmed by a 1927 boxing movie that used his alias for the main character. Hogan was later a referee in California. Offered here is a two page, hand written and signed letter by One Round Hogan to historian and collector Floyd "Red" Taylor in which he discusses a Veteran Boxing Dinner and an imposter "one Round" Hogan from Oakland.
This is a two page hand written letter on lined white paper. Has two folds. Clean front and back. Dated 1/28/55. Boldly signed "One Round Hogan." No tears. Includes original mailing envelope. 6" x 9." Exceptionally rare boxing signature.

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Condition: excellent