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On June 11, 1982 World Heavyweight Champion Larry Holmes defended his title against undefeated challenger Gerry Cooney at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was a much anticipated bout between two quality fighters, which was somewhat overlooked due to the racial tone the fight took with a black champion facing a white challenger. Despite that, the fight lived up to its hype and proved to be one of the finest efforts of Larry Holmes' career. Holmes, in great shape, was sharp from the outset. He was able to withstand Cooney's heavy punching and inflicted punishment of his own which gradually wore Cooney down. A barrage in the 13th round put Cooney down and the fight was stopped. Offered here is a scarce souvenir pennant for Larry Holmes in this fight entitled , "The Pride The Glory We Love Larry Holmes."
This pennant is cloth. Bold color and print. Small tack hole at one tip. Has three mild creases. Clean. 30" long.

Size: 30 inches long

Condition: excellent