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World Heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield's Saturday June 6, 1998 fight with Henry Akinwande was canceled because the challenger failed his physical. CNN/SI reported that Akinwande tested positive for hepatitis B twice, and Showtime called off the main event and the undercards. Akinwande tested positive when he first arrived in New York on Tuesday and again on Thursday in a second test. A doctor said Akinwande was infectious and that his sparring partners should also be tested for the disease. Offered here is a full, unused ticket for the postponed event.
This is an original, full, unused ticket which names the fighters and includes a section, row and seat number. Stub firmly attached. Clean. Not creased or torn. Bold color and print. 2" x 5 5/8."

Size: 2 x 5 5/8

Condition: near mint