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Evander Holyfield fought Larry Holmes on June 19, 1992 in Las Vegas. Holyfield won by 12 round decision and successfully defended his Lineal Heavyweight Title. t Wasn't Pretty, but Holyfield Still Retains Title By Phil Berger, New York Times, June 20, 1992-LAS VEGAS, Nev., June 19 — Call it winning ugly, but call it a victory for Evander Holyfield. Holyfield outworked a cunning former champion, Larry Holmes, tonight and scored a unanimous 12-round decision to retain his undisputed heavyweight title at the outdoor ring at Caesars Palace. All three judges -- Carol Castellano (116-112), Chuck Giampa (116-112) and Glen Hamada (117-111) scored the bout for the 29-year-old champion from Atlanta. But it wasn't easy for Holyfield. The 42-year-old Holmes, who held the heavyweight title from 1978 to 1985, gained respect with his clever tactics. For most of the fight, Holmes positioned himself against the ropes and invited Holyfield to throw his lead lefts. Holmes sought to counter Holyfield with chopping right hands and right uppercuts. It never happened. Holmes did his best work with that spider's web tactic early. In the second round, he landed big punches as his cornermen shouted: "Chop the tree, big Jack. Chop the tree." But big Jack, Holmes's nickname, simply didn't have the ax to swing. He did have the resourcefulness to make Holyfield look sloppy. He was able to parry many of Holyfield's punches with his gloves or lean away and take the punches -- particularly Holyfield's left hook -- on his shoulders. He fought a measured, smart fight, but it was not enough against a champion who simply did not stop throwing punches. Holmes did his best damage in the sixth round when he opened a cut over Holyfield's right eye. Larry Merchant, who did the color commentary for the Home Box Office replay of the bout, said replays showed the cut was caused when Holmes's elbow hit Holyfield on the follow-through of a missed right hand. Although the cut bled from time to time during the fight, it did not appear to impede Holyfield's vision. "He proved to be a classy fighter, and he has great defense," said Holyfield. "I hit him with a lot of good body shots. I wasn't looking to take him out with one shot. He fought a smart fight. It's hard to knock out a defensive fighter." Holmes was a gracious loser. "He's a great fighter," Holmes said of Holyfield. "He's a lot stronger than I thought." "I didn't get knocked out like you guys said I would," Holmes told reporters at ringside. Did he think he had won? "I did," he said. "You can't keep a good man down." He leaned over the ropes to shake hands with ringsiders and waved to the crowd. "I couldn't get the jab to work," he said. Asked earlier by a television reporter whether he would fight again, Holmes was noncommittal. "I'm going to go fishing," he said. Presented here is an original souvenir poster for this event.
This is an original, paper, souvenir poster which pictures both fighters. Professionally linen backed. Bold color and print. Bold, clear images. Clean without staining. Not creased or torn. 21 3/4 x 33."

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