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Ace Hudkins was born in Nebraska in 1905 and began boxing at 12. He began fighting professionally in 1921 and boxed until he was 27, and was never knocked out. His nicknames were "The Wildcat" and "The Nebraska Wildcat". In the years around 1925-1926, Hudkins and Clever Sencio were the top drawing cards at Los Angeles'Olympic Auditorium. One of his most famous fights was a 1927 fight in New York, a knockout of hot prospect Ruby Goldstein. One writer wrote of Hudkins' win over Goldstein as "the fight that broke the Jewish banks." It was Hudkins' toughness that most impressed his faithful fans; his fight against Sammy Baker was described as "the bloodiest fight ever seen;even the referee was drenched in ruby red;" Fighting from lightweight to light-heavyweight, he won several California State Heavyweight Titles and was Southern California's biggest boxing drawing card in the 1920s. Presented here is a vintage wire photo dated January 19, 1928 depicting Ace Hudkins showing interpretive dancer Tamaris the art of shadow boxing.
This is na original International News Photos wire photo with their stamp and caption on the back. Bold, clear image. Mild crease in upper left corner. A few minor compressions and minor surface wear. 6" x 8."

Size: 6 x 8

Condition: very good